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Gas Nitriding

Gas nitriding is a thermochemical case hardening process used to increase wear resistance, surface hardness and fatigue life by dissolution of nitrogen and hard nitride precipitations.

Gas Carburizing

This is a process where the carbon element is extracted within a controlled atmosphere chamber and dissolved into the surface layers of parts at certain temperature. The austenite carbon layer will be converted to martensite by quenching and tempering. Normally the case depths are ranged from 0.3mm ~ 1.5mm depending on the steel material.

The common materials being used for carburizing process are SCM415, SCM420, 7120 etc.

Gas Carbonitriding

This process is a modified form of gas carburizing where additional ammonia is injected into the gas carburizing atmosphere. Nitrogen element from ammonia will be added to the carburized layer. The main intention of nitrogen element is to increase the hardenability of steel . Normally the case depths are ranged from 0.075mm to 0.75mm.

The common materials being used for carbonitriding process are SUM24L , SPCC, 1020, etc.

Quench and Temper

This process is sometimes called “Hardening” as well. Steel material will be heated to the austenitic stage and heat is immediately extracted (rapid-cooling) by quenching into the quenchant medium such quenching oil. Every types quenchants give different kinds of cooling rate curve. These cooling rates will determine the hardness and distortion of hardened steel.

The common materials being used for quench and temper process are SCM440, 4140, 709 etc.

Shot Blasting

A process where soft steel particles such as shot-beads are being blasted onto the surface of hardened steel at high velocity. As the result, fatigue durability, compressive residual stress, surface hardness etc, will improve significantly.


This is a process where the hardened steel is heated to a temperature below the lower critical temperature and cooled at a suitable rate or sometimes it is open air cooled. The main objective is to improve the ductility and toughness of hardened steel by relieving the stresses caused during quenching