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About Us

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The company was incorporated in 1996. Initially, this joint-venture Company was a strategic alliance between Kumpulan Belton Berhad and Oriental Engineering Co. LTD (Japan).

In April 2008, Usnalanti Sdn. Bhd. has bought all the shares which held by Kumpulan Belton Berhad. Subsequently, it has announced itself as the major shareholder of this company. Following with the takeover, the corporate identity of the company has been changed and known as Oriental Heat Treatment (M) Sdn. Bhd. with effective on 10th April 2008.

The status of another shareholder, Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd., remains unchanged. Oriental Engineering Co. Ltd. was founded in August 1952 as an agent of heat treatment machine and gradually, it has established itself as a famous heat treater in Japan. The company has worked closely with Metal Technology Classroom, Tokyo University of Technology. They have supplied to Nissan Motor Co., Hitachi Construction Machinary Co., and Japan Steel Works Co. They also provide heat treatment services to Japan Tobacco Inc, The Japan Telagram & Telephone Public Cooperation. Ever since, Oriental Engineering has developed numerous advance furnaces, ranging from UNIC, UNINITE and SPERIA. Their efforts have been rewarded by "The Excellence Ten New Products in 1966, Daily Industrial Newspaper Co.", "Excellent Ten New Products in 1979, Daily Industrial Newspapers Co." The company is accredited with ISO 9001 Quality Management (JIS Z 9901).

President of Oriental Heat Treatment - Mr. Kazuo Ozaki 小﨑一雄

President of Oriental Heat Treatment K.Ozuoki

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Oriental Heat Treatment Organization Chart